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Mandatory polio vaccines required for India - news from the Travel Clinic Ltd

by traveladmin 21. January 2014 07:32

World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised the Government of India to take necessary precautions by seeking immunisation of incoming visitors from polio affected countries six weeks prior to their arrival in India and also to arrange Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) to Indian citizens travelling to those countries with a view to accord protection to Indian population.

So it is important to keep a copy of your vaccinations with you and get your polio vaccine every ten years

This mandatory requirement will take effect from January, 2014. The OPV is also a mandatory requirement for all Indian nationals visiting Nigeria,Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Israel, Kenya, Somalia and Pakistan.

The OPV is valid for one year from the date of its administration.

 Travellers of all age originating from any of the above WHO-identified seven countries may  ensure that they get OPV administered through a Govemment-approved medical centre/clinic/Institute/hospital six weeks prior to their travel to India and carry along the OPV  Certificate.

This is a mandatory requirement with effect from 30.01.2014. "


 In many countries in the world the oral polio vaccine is no longer used. For example in the UK, Europe, US and Australia

Evidence of vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, which are given in the same syringe (revaxis) may be examined if entering from Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Israel, Kenya, Somalia and Pakistan. So make sure your vaccination card is with you and accordingly updated

 A spokesperson from WHO shared that the government is contemplating asking the traveller to declare in the visa form the details of the places visited with a stay of at least 1 month before arriving in India.

 If a traveller from a country which is not one of those 7 countries mentioned in the notice (like the UK) comes to India via a polio endemic country (Nigeria) they could need to show proof of vaccination

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