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Global malaria cases thought to be much higher

by traveladmin 29. March 2012 10:27
The Lancet recently published research showing that malaria may be twice as high as previous estimates WHO estimated 655,000 people died from malaria in 2010 while research from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation suggests using new computer modelling and data say 1.24 million deaths occurred It is thought that deaths world wide rose from 995,000in 1980 to 1.82 million in 2004, then falling to 1.24 million in 2010 The increase in 2004 is thought to be due to population increase, and the decline since then is due to the increase in donor support for controlling mosquitoes, such as mosquito nets and control of breeding sites Here at The Travel Clinic Ltd, we focus on protection against mosquito bites, as well as suitable antil malarial tablets and the necessity of using clothing spray, sleeping under nets, or having very cold air conditioning to deter mosquitoes. All useful strategies to help prevent other mosquito borne diseases such as dengue

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