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Protection for rabies at a cheaper price

by traveladmin 15. February 2012 07:07


The stocks of rabies vaccines are very, very low until next year. and the prices of vaccine gone up by    20%, which means fewer clients chose to be vaccinated 

Because of this we are going to offer our clients the option of intramuscular (the conventional way) or intradermal rabies vaccine.


The intradermal method  is 0.1 mls of vaccine given under the first layer of skin, the epidermis, which is a very effective  way of absorbing the drug and so needing a smaller amount of vaccine. It must be given by a highly trained healthcare professional, as the procedure is specialised.


This way of giving vaccines is also used when giving BCGs and some flu vaccines and is done in many parts of the globe where the cost of rabies vaccine is very high, but has to be given by a a highly trained health professional


All courses of rabies vaccine whether intramuscular or intradermal are given on days 0, 7 and 28 (the last dose can be advanced towards day 21 if necessary, but the antibody level may wane more rapidly).


A booster dose one year or two years after the primary course enhances and prolongs the immune response, which lasts more than 10 years in 96% of people. 


This way of giving vaccines enables us to protect more travellers for a lower price







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