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Measles, mumps rubella warning

by traveladmin 15. December 2011 07:27
Travellers who have not been vaccinated are at risk of getting the disease and spreading it to their friends and family members who may not be up to date with vaccinations. Because of this risk, all travelers should be having their vaccinations, regardless of where they are going. Measles is among the most contagious diseases, and even domestic travelers may be exposed on airplanes or in airports. Check with your GP to see if you are protected, people who cannot show that they were vaccinated as children and who have never had measles should probably be vaccinated This month already there are reports of large outbreaks from Ukraine and Uganda where vaccine uptake is low and according to a WHO report, there have been over 26,000 measles reported cases in 36 European countries so far this year. There have been nine deaths, including six in France, and 7,288 hospitalisations. In England and Wales there have been almost 1,000 confirmed cases - nearly triple the 374 total for 2010. Across the Europe, 90 per cent of cases have been in those definitely or probably not vaccinated. In the UK it is recommended that 2 MMR should be given with a month apart to those who are not protected. This we can provide from The Travel Clinic Ltd, Cambridge and Ipswich

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